Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-23

  • Good luck to Ray Kurzweil and Anthony Waller with their premiere of the #Singularity is near tonight. #
  • Are there any #robocup participants willing to help us with our documentary about future trends and the #Singularity theory? #
  • Just checked our first preview DVD of the Saint Nicholas Conspiracy, without tiltles and menu, but I'm happy. #
  • Still looking for #Robocup participants and anyone else who wants to contibute thoughts to our #Singularity film. #
  • I just became the mayor of Klarendal on @foursquare! #
  • Just helped someone from Pune, India with a question about *SSH* …on Aardvark! #
  • Yesterday I received a positive reply to my first grant application! A part of my tuition for next year will be paid. Good news. #
  • Tomorrow morning we're going to the island of Texel for out brainstorm week about the #Singularity #
  • RT @wikileaks:"Geheime CIA-PR-Strategie für Deutschland" – CIA tried to influence German media by exploiting the Obama factor. How about NL? #
  • We are on the island of Texel! The weather is great, inspiration is streaming in. #
  • We're pitching our ideas for the other students and the coaches. There are many good ideas and good discussions. #
  • Wow, had a great first evening here at the resort. Lots of good discussions, games, nice people. What more could a director wish for? #
  • Had a difficult time explaining our thoughts about the #Singularity film. It's a complex issue. The discussion was very intese, though. #
  • Made some nice pancakes and now I'm off for a walk alone to think about our film. #
  • Finally managed to put down a plan to how we can make an interesting film about the #Singularity Sometimes it's hard to write down ideas. #
  • – Our coaches (John Appel, Jelle van Doornik and Niek Koppen) this morning, trying to read our plan on a screen. #
  • Today we went on a bike ride and came up with some cool plans about what to film. This is really going somewhere. #
  • We're in our last private coaching session… #
  • Our inspiration workshop is almost over. #
  • – Went into town for a last night together. Ended up playing Risk with two directors, a producer and a writer. #
  • We're on our way home after an intense but fun week of talking about our #Singularity documentary. #
  • – Topdrukte in spits op station Amsterdam Amstel door stroomstoring #ns #
  • Thanks to all my classmates for a great week on Texel! I likez your pitchez, bitchez! #

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