Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-16

  • I want to play some ultimate frisbee from 10 to 11 @ De Leuke Linde here in Arnhem. Who's coming? #
  • Always a good opportunity to practise. See you al tomorrow from 11-16 @ Sportpark Drieburg Amsterdam for the copetition day? #
  • When the #Singularity comes we will think a billion times faster. Imagine now many pointy replies @BrentSpiner could send! #
  • If you're in Amsterdam and you're interested in ultimate frisbee you should come watch the competition at Sportpark Drieburg today. #
  • Anyone in the Benelux, UK or Germany who is working on Micro Air Vehicles? Plz contact me. @vark #
  • Where is the sun when ypu need it? #brrr #
  • Great feeling after three great games of running and throwing. I'm proud of an end-zone layout that scored, so I'm happy and hungry. #
  • Life is ironic: I was lucky to catch a train that would get me home 15 mins sooner, but I forgot to switch trains, which cost me 45 mins. #
  • I'm at a solicitor's office waiting for my identity papers to be checked. I'm glad Nysingh is helping me with my grant request. #
  • Creating a new wordpress website for a friend. #
  • All that talk about #Singularity can make one forget that even the most basic stuff is still done by hand; like fetching hay for our rabbits #
  • – Ik ben onderweg naar ONDERWEG de spraakmakende eindexamenvoorstelling van @JohanFretz. #
  • – Altijd spannend zo'n try-out. Hopen dat de Gebroeders Fretz deze knop niet nodig hebben. #
  • – Oh nee! Er is iemand gevallen. De bus wacht op een ambulance. Hopelijk kom ik zo nog op tijd bij @JohanFretz. #
  • Ik zit weer in de bus, alleen…. hij moet natuurlijk omrijden omdat er een afslag afgesloten is. Het blijft dus spannend. #
  • – Gehaald! €10,- afgerekend voor het kaartje. Prijzig als je bedenkt dat de gebroeders geen diploma hebben! :-p #
  • Next week we're on the island of Texel for a week of brainstorming about our #Singularity film. Any input is still welcome. #
  • Almost going home to Arnhem again… #
  • Helping @gertdegraaff create his new website. #

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