Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-02

  • Remarkable, just this week I found 4 articles about futuristic robotic technology or longevity in just one paper. #Singularity. #
  • Just finished watching Dr. Strangelove again. It seems to somehow get funnier every time. Kubrick's the master. A shame he's no longer here. #
  • Jules et Jim by Truffaut just leaves me wondering about what I just saw. A poem disguised as a love story or a love story disguised a poem? #
  • Hana-bi is probably the most beautiful film by Kitano. The music and the paintings are very special. Great film. #
  • Not a very eventful day. Thought about the #Singularity and Bob Ross, watched Ugetsu Monogatari (good film!) and pampered my girl 😉 #
  • Following the attempts at first collisions at 7TeV in CERN LHC live: #
  • Made a very small but intense scène tonight at the theatre academy. Nice to do something else for a change. #
  • BTW we'll be at the Planet Art expo about the #Singularity tomorrow (wednesday) at 15:00. Wibautstraat 150. See you there? #
  • Another great meeting about our #Singularity film. Now we know why it has to be a positive film: you can't leave the audience without hope. #
  • Collecting a list of Twitter accounts of people who can contribute interesting thoughts to our film about the #Singularity. #
  • Had a bit of an off day with the weather cold and rainy, another delay for our colour correction and a complaining bowel. #
  • Follow this list for up to date information about the #Singularity from the insiders: New suggestions are welcome. #
  • Going to make pancakes in our beautiful new frying pan. Yes, we are proud of a pan. That is normal, right? #
  • The pancakes were great, but unfortunately led to some unwanted side effects #illspareyouthedetails. #
  • Hoe heb ik toch al die jaren kunnen leven zonder vochtig WC-papier? #
  • …maar genoeg over vandaag, welterusten en op naar morgen! #