Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-26

  • Back to the ultimate frisbee pitch. Seems like we're lucky again and the rain will stop for the time we play. #
  • Do you have a plan? #
  • Ultimate frisbee competition in Eindhoven promises to be a wet affair today. #
  • – Pitches have been closed due to the massive rain tonight. Only, nobody knew… Now looking for alternatives. #
  • – Seems like we're going to play in a park nearby. #
  • – Commentary from th NFB: this has never happened before. #
  • After a bad start of the day we owon a game and lost a game, while having fun at #ultimate. #
  • – Had a great day and the sun showed up after all. Always honour your opponent, that's #ultimate! #
  • Just helped someone from San Gabriel, US with a question about *Health* …on Aardvark! #
  • Ready for another week of preparing the #Singularity documentary. #
  • Been doing the preparation for my tax declaration all day, so we had a simple but ver healthy meal of lahmacun with lots of veggies. #
  • Wie in Amsterdam biedt een jaar gratis onderdak aan een kunststudent en zijn vriendin in ruil voor portretfoto's? #durftevragen #
  • RT @titustweet: Wie in Amsterdam biedt een jaar gratis onderdak aan een regisseur en zijn vriendin in ruil voor portretfoto's? #durftevragen #
  • Been discussing the #Singularity and capitalism all day, so now it'a about time to sleep. #
  • Difficult to get up after helping a friend with his phone well past my normal bedtime. Chi kung will help. #
  • Ah, chi kung, warm shower, fresh bread with cream cheese and tomatoes. Good morning. #
  • I want to work on my ideas for our #Singularity film, but duty calls. Taxforms still have to be completed. #
  • Six grant requests done. VAT-declaration info delivered to acountant. Time for the weekend! #
  • Dutch films from the seventies can be soo simple. Just throw in more naked people and the audience will come (no pun intended). #

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