Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-19

  • On the pitch waiting for other ultimate players from Arnhem. Where are you? A bit of rain isn't going to put you off, is it? #
  • They came after all and we played a good hour of ultimate frisbee at De Leuke Linde, Arnhem. See you there next saturday at 10:00? #
  • Woke up from a nightmare which gave me an idea for a new television format. Typical, nightmares are always good TV. That's why TV is so bad. #
  • RT @ArjenKamphuis: Pechtold zet punt achter huwlijke ivm met zware wissel op politieke carriere: #politiek #
  • At home with the newspaper on my lap. A relaxing alternative to the hectic week in Amsterdam. #
  • Did our finances and started fantasizing about a vacation in the mountains. Hope it all works out as planned. #
  • Just helped someone from Salzburg, Austria with a question about *geek and Amsterdam* …on Aardvark! #
  • Just watched Four Weddings and a Funeral again. It's still a classic. Can't say what connects me to that film, but something does. #
  • Been busy all afternoon with these dreaded grant applications again. I often wish it were easier to just study what you want. #
  • On the train again… I want to live in Amsterdam. Who knows how to get affordable living space for two people there? #
  • RT @singularityhub Eye Popping Pics of Cyborg Animals from Photoshop Contest #
  • Saw the play 'City' played by the Veenfabriek tonight. What a happening! Excellent acting and astounding, crazy images on stage. Must see. #
  • Train again… At least I can watch a film on my netbook. #
  • The Dutch film 'Dorp aan de Rivier' surprised me by being critical of the way Dutch society treats people who have a passion and who excel. #
  • Just took some nice pictures of a friend's dog. Animals are good fun to photograph, but always difficult to do well. #
  • – Luidruchtige actie NS-schoonmaakpersoneel op Utrecht CS. Publiek reageert verrast, maar begrijpend. #
  • Only had dinner after the training… I feel broken. Good night. #
  • …Of course I still had to finish the first version of our film plan for the #Singularity. Our working title is "The Zeroth World". #
  • Just helped someone from Gujarat, India with a question about *computer networking* …on Aardvark! #
  • – Stretcher ingeklapt, wandelschoenen aan en weer op naar Arnhem. #

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