Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-12

  • In 10 mins we're starting a new season of ultimate frisbee at 'De Leuke Linde' in Arnhem every sat from 10 to 11. Join us now or next week. #
  • A nice Italian dinner at home with Milanese risotto and sweet and sour peppers. Watched Monty Python afterwards, so it was a good evening. #
  • Still looking for people who have something interesting to tell about the #singularity. Helps if you live in the Netherlands or have Skype. #
  • Had an inspiring day away from the office. Thanks to Marko Martens for the good idea's and great insights into film! #
  • Just helped someone from Sydney, Australia with a question about *The Tweets* …on Aardvark! #
  • Spent all day searching for grants to finance my last year at the academy. It seems there might be some opportunities… #
  • Tomorrow it's time for our color correction. Just to see the film we'll have to get a special room and copy 15 GB of data. #
  • I feel like I could take on everything and – after our color correction was cancelled for technical reasons – I also feel like I did. #
  • Thanks to tai chi I have found a way to keep myself focused during this research marathon of thinking and discussion. #
  • RT @deRonbrown: Now that's a cool sounding concept – Technological Singularity: #
  • Just had a good brainstorm and inspiration session for our exam film about the #Singularity. Now for some dinner and reading. #
  • But first let's see what Clooney made this time. Up in the Air it is. #
  • Up in the Air is great. About love for people, life and purpose, just what we need in these strange times. I'd recommend it to a friend ;-). #
  • Today: one masterclass, one meeting about the #Singularity with @arjenkamphuis and one ultimate training. Nice! #
  • In the middle of a deep philosophical discussion about film with Bruno Dumont. #
  • Bruno Dumont: "C'est le spectateur qui fait la difference." #
  • TY to @arjenkamphuis for our great talk about the #Singularity and great insights into public discusions in NL. #
  • Had a great evening at the training, but what sad news to hear Hans van Mierlo, a founding father of political party D66, has died. #
  • Today I have my fourth meeting about the #Singularity this week. @whiterdark collected some literature on the subject. #
  • Alice in wonderland is beautifully crafted and Johnny Depp plays great as always, but something seems to be missing. #

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