Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-05

  • No tweets from me today :-) #didIjusttweetthat? #
  • Going to the sauna. Much too long ago that I spent a day just relaxing. #
  • Had a great day relaxing at the sauna and dining at restaurant Odessa in Nijmegen. Totally satisfied. #
  • Is there anyone who knows more about the Singularity in Europe? Who to talk to and who's doing what research? @vark #
  • Watching the Lift (1983). Awful, but it's on the compulsory list for the academy. #
  • The useful thing about the lift was that it's about AI. It's good to know that it will not be difficult to make a better film on that theme. #
  • #RTL alle zenders stonden 5 min op freeze frame en nu al ruim 30 min geen geluid. Bizar! Wie zit er in die eindregie? #
  • Going to bed early, tomorrow I'll be assisting on the set of The Murder of Bonifacius, so have to catch some sleep. #
  • Got up at 6:15 and still found time to do my chi kung excercises. This new found discipline is working great. #
  • Twee studenten in mijn coupé hadden nog steeds hun OV-chipkaart abonnement niet op orde. De invoering is nu al één grote catastrophe. #
  • Been setdressing all day, now going to the theatre… #
  • Research for our new film about the Singularity. Reading, talking, thinking. #
  • Watched "Hunting en Zn" tonight, and it was just bad. Totally unconvincing characters and storyline. Had fun talking to a friend though. #
  • Today we have our online for the Saint Nicholas Conspiracy, which means an automated re-edit in high quality. Hope it works in one go. #
  • …waiting for the AVID Adrenaline set to become available. A fourth year editor beat us to it, so the online will start this evening. #
  • Argh, my first grant request has been ditched, just because it's a second study. Couldn't they have said so on their site? #
  • Anyone who hasn't seen "A Serious Man" yet? Feel free to join me at 15:45 at Pathé Tuschinski. #
  • Been training with my new team Crunch 2 aka Oddjob. Nice training and a good start for the season. Looking forward to more. #
  • Our online is finished! I'm so glad it all went well. Now up for the grading and titling. #
  • Went to see "A Serious Man" yesterday. It sure is a masterpiece, but I have to see it again to know what to make of it. Fascinating. #
  • Argh, my new phone software does not support a large touchscreen keyboard. Must write… It hurts… Twitter. #
  • Going to Utrecht to help @freeksels with his new closets and lighting in his new home. #
  • Two IKEA closets are finally standing, but where are those wretched screws we need to put in the doors? #
  • Saw some beautiful designer lamps at a small store called 'de duif' in Utrecht. Very expensive but great design. Hope @freeksels gets one. #

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