Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-26

  • Politiek24 wordt saai als er alleen maar uitzendingen van gisteren worden herhaald, terwijl iedereen op dé personferentie(s) wacht. #
  • Ah, politiek24 is weer live, zouden ze mijn vorige tweet hebben gelezen? Toch mooi die interactieve TV. #
  • Ik geef het op. Te moe, te veel belangrijke dingen te doen. Schoonmaken bijvoorbeeld. Zou de politiek ook moeten doen. SMS mij bij #deval. #
  • Just helped someone from Tehran, Iran with a question about *relationship problems* …on Aardvark! #
  • Starting our last week of sound editing and mixing. Why are films always 'almost finished' for such a long time? #
  • Last day of being able to change any sound. Last minute inspiration gave us good results yesterday. I believe in the Saint Conspiracy. #
  • While our Saint Conspiracy doc is in its last stages of sound editing we're already brainstorming for the next film, about our future. #
  • Having found a new sense of purpose I'm now trying to get into the routine of practising chi kung every morning. Feels great. #
  • Just helped someone from Maharashtra, India with a question about *WordPress* …on Aardvark! #
  • Back in the mix set, preparing for our final coaching session. Meanwhile, the Saint Nicholas Conspiracy is still out there. #
  • The last day is always very busy. It was impossible to finish all small nuances in time for the session, but the reception was good. #
  • The last touches are being put in and I can still laugh about scenes in the film. That's a good sign! #
  • Tonight at Panama: Navarone the band of our film composer Robin Assen. Don't miss it! #
  • Argh, typical! Technical difficulties at the last moment. Now our rear speaker show a strange imbalance. Will do the final check tomorrow. #
  • Just drove 64km just to get a signature for a grant request. #
  • Now we're mixing again and it's almost over. After that I'm rushing to the Panama, to hear Robin play. #
  • It is done. We found some cool last last minute mixing ideas and tomorrow morning we have the final check of the Saint Nicholas Conspiracy. #
  • I just became the mayor of Nederlandse Film en Televisieacademie on @foursquare! #
  • Of course there were still some small things to fix. Special kudos to sound designer Richard Wilder for his precision and patience. #
  • Still have to deliver the grant request in Nijmegen. #
  • Our Saint Nicholas documentary is finished, but still needs some technical work. Grading, titles, DVD authoring, that kind of stuff. #

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