Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-19

  • Just helped someone from Siegen, Germany with a question about *hamburgers* …on Aardvark! #
  • After sharing my hamburger recipe with the world I continue reading 'Wired for War'. Interesting stuff about real robots in modern wars. #
  • Made it to the hall just in time and won the game with a lay-out. #
  • Ah, my glasses broke in a collision with another player, but we won, so that was ok. Won the third game as well, so it's going excellent. #
  • Lost our last game to a bunch of ultra fast, well trained school kids. If that's the future of ultimate then the sport will keep growing. #
  • My glasses will be repaired soon, for free! That's what I call service. Going back to Amsterdam now where our sound designer is foleying. #
  • Just helped someone from Nijmegen, NL with a question about *Nijmegen* …on Aardvark! #
  • Just had an interesting discusion about film, marketing psychology and homeopathy, but now it's time to sleep. #
  • Juist! Minder kopen is heel verstandig. RT @nrcnext: Bezuinigen? Stel een koopstop in #
  • Heel apart, ben rode bietensoep aan het eten, vlak voor het keuzevak op de theaterschool. #
  • Theater maken blijft leuk, we moesten 6 objecten verzamelen, dus ik kwam terug met een badkuip en een trolley met 30 l water. #
  • Had a pretty difficult viewing with the coaches this morning. At least Jurre Haanstra thought we are heading in the right direction. #
  • RT @Greenpeace: IPCC responds to #climate denial spin with facts: (via @realclimate) 1st fact? There is no 'climate gate' #
  • Just helped someone from Boston, US with a question about *ice cream* …on Aardvark! #
  • Just too tired after a long and intense day. Means I'm skipping ultimate training to go to bed early. Hate it, but that's the way it is. #
  • Spent half the night trying to find a particularily nasty malware program on a friend's computer. Still scanning… #
  • We just finished tweaking an rerecording our german voice over track. That was a lot of work! Glad it's finished. #