Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-05

  • Saturday: clean the house, bake a pie, tomorrow mom's coming by. #
  • Just helped someone from Los Angeles, US with a question about *Facebook* …on Aardvark! #
  • After much ado and a great Sacher pie the voice over is finally getting better and better. Now let's hope it gets to be good as well. #
  • Woke up at seven with some new film ideas. So many ideas, so little time to make them… #
  • Having had a slow, but still producttive day, I feel like sleep is my saviour. Bit early… Good night anyway. #
  • Had a cool acting class tonight and we're back on track with our film. Only the weather really sucks. A good day to read Terry Pratchett. #
  • Due to some mixups in planning, we're going to finish editing tomorrow and on monday the sound design fase starts. Wish us luck. #
  • Watched Star Trek on bluray tonight. I believe it's the best film from that franchise to date. #
  • Just helped someone from Kansas City, US with a question about *SHOUTcast* …on Aardvark! #
  • Wow, I can't believe it! We did it. We have picture lock and we're right on schedule using effectively only 3 weeks of editing instead of 4. #
  • Lol, goed bedacht: "Trots op Wilders" RT @ArjenKamphuis: My first webwereld column: Back to the future #
  • When logging in to #gmail or #googlechat with https or via iGoogle I get an SLL error 'certificate is not trusted'. Anyone else? @vark #
  • The #gmail certificate problem only seems to exist in #chrome for mac. That's a bit weird why would Google not accept their own certificate? #
  • Ah, I see the problem with #gmail has been resolved in the meantime. Probably someone just clicked the wrong button at Google 😉 #
  • Spent the day preparing salads for our little bavarian party tomorrow. Be there or be square 😉 #