Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-29

  • Anyone who would like to play a boardgame and/or watch a movie tonight in Arnhem? Contact me. #
  • Nogmaals een roep om veilige wachtwoorden. Hebben we allemaal profijt van. – Data News: via @addthis #
  • Saw Alan Berliner's "Nobody's Business" tonight. A very interesting portrait of a man's relationship with his family. Extremely good style. #
  • Finally found the time to go and see Avatar 3D in Cinemec Ede an hour from now. Hope they have a good screen and glasses. #
  • Avatar 3D definitely sets a new standard in action entertainment. Exciting, but I'm not completely blown away, it's too predictable. #
  • Just helped someone from Tel Aviv, Israel with a question about *freeware* …on Aardvark! #
  • Man it's freezing, especially if you cycle for 35 min like crazy, just to find a closed door… #
  • Cheaper organic food is the way to promote a sustainable future. Sign the dutch petition now: #
  • Our sound designer is ill, so we can't record the voice over for our Saint Nicholas documentary tomorrow. Hope he gets better soon. #
  • I should be finishing our voice over, instead I'm browsing and idling. Is there a digital analogue (pun intended) to a kick in the butt? #
  • Is het niet vreemd dat je wél een theorie- en praktijkexamen moet afleggen om een auto te besturen, maar niet om een land te besturen? #
  • Just helped someone from Milan, Italy with a question about *mac* …on Aardvark! #
  • Finally found the inspiration today to write a new voice over version. Now I have to tune my voice to deliver it. #