Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-22

  • We really worked hard in the editing room these past few days. All praise to my editor Rik, who persevered to make it a better film. #
  • Ah, lekker, de witte chocolade cheesecake is een succes! #
  • Had a great day playing ultimate frisbee in Wageningen, thanks to the Crunch team, we had some good matches today! #
  • Just ticked off some stuff that had been on my to do list far too long today. Like sending in my camera for the THIRD repair… Grmbl #
  • Bedankt voor alle felicitaties via kaartjes, wall-posts en sms, ik heb een hele leuke dag gehad zo! #
  • Going to the play "Welk Stuk?" in Theater Frascati, Amsterdam at 21:00. Who's coming, too? #
  • Saw 'Welk Stuk?' tonight at Frascati. Very strange experience. In between deconstructing theatre and trying to make a point about freedom. #
  • Writing voice over text for our Saint Nicholas documentary. Very complex task, but interesting to do. #
  • Can you help me answer a question? Check out this interesting Aardvark conversation about *photography*: #
  • Woah, 4,5 hours of excercise including cycling. Definetely not used to that anymore, but it was fun and I feel good. Only need some sleep. #
  • Had a very cool tai chi new year's lesson tonight, with demo's and shaolin kung fu practise. Can this week get any better? #
  • RT @jantienvantol: RT @bart3fm: Alle radiostations: draai 25-01-2010 als 1e plaat na 15 uur tears run rings (marc almond) v @arjengrolleman. #
  • Just helped someone from Bucharest, Romania with a question about *wordpress* …on Aardvark! #