Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-15

  • I have been thinking about new ideas for my next films. #
  • Spent the weekend watching films, cleaning the house and preparing for a blizzard that turned out to be a whiff. We did make good waffles. #
  • 10:10 is finally coming to the Netherlands! Are you also going to save a simple 10% on your CO2 emissions in 2010? #
  • What a day, we made some good progress with our edit and after that I had a special acting class. Very nice. #
  • Watching dutch politics taking place is like going to the dentist. The drilling takes forever and it almost never really hurts. #
  • The tension is rising officially there is just one day left to finish our edit. We need about three to do it. But we're getting there. #
  • Still working on the first Saint Nicholas film that tells us why we all believed in him when we were little. Nervous last minute fixes… #
  • Our last day of editing has come and gone. The film is not entirely ready, but it's so close. We'll get a few hours extra. We will make it! #