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    Persbericht: Tom Trago meets TRANSHUMAN 

    Tom Trago maakt filmmuziek TRANSHUMAN

    AMSTERDAM – 23 mei 2011 – De elektronische artiest Tom Trago betreedt nieuw terrein. Kort na het uitbrengen van zijn eerste soloalbum Iris komt hij alweer met een nieuw project: filmmuziek voor de afstudeerfilm TRANSHUMAN van de Nederlandse Film en Televisie Academie. De film zal eind juni in première gaan. Voor Tom en de filmmakers is het een unieke kans om samen te werken. Voor alle fans is dit een project om naar uit te kijken.


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    Fotoverslag CERN Cineglobe 2012 

    Eind maart ging ik op reis naar Genève om deel te nemen aan het Cineglobe film festival aan het CERN. Het was een erg indrukwekkende en leerzaame ervaring en ik had zelfs nog tijd om een bergwandelingetje te maken (en te verdwalen :-).

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      Great photos! I hope you had a great time while at CineGlobe :)

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    Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-23 

    • Good luck to Ray Kurzweil and Anthony Waller with their premiere of the #Singularity is near tonight. #
    • Are there any #robocup participants willing to help us with our documentary about future trends and the #Singularity theory? #
    • Just checked our first preview DVD of the Saint Nicholas Conspiracy, without tiltles and menu, but I'm happy. #
    • Still looking for #Robocup participants and anyone else who wants to contibute thoughts to our #Singularity film. #
    • I just became the mayor of Klarendal on @foursquare! #
    • Just helped someone from Pune, India with a question about *SSH* …on Aardvark! #
    • Yesterday I received a positive reply to my first grant application! A part of my tuition for next year will be paid. Good news. #
    • Tomorrow morning we're going to the island of Texel for out brainstorm week about the #Singularity #
    • RT @wikileaks:"Geheime CIA-PR-Strategie für Deutschland" – CIA tried to influence German media by exploiting the Obama factor. How about NL? #
    • We are on the island of Texel! The weather is great, inspiration is streaming in. #
    • We're pitching our ideas for the other students and the coaches. There are many good ideas and good discussions. #
    • Wow, had a great first evening here at the resort. Lots of good discussions, games, nice people. What more could a director wish for? #
    • Had a difficult time explaining our thoughts about the #Singularity film. It's a complex issue. The discussion was very intese, though. #
    • Made some nice pancakes and now I'm off for a walk alone to think about our film. #
    • Finally managed to put down a plan to how we can make an interesting film about the #Singularity Sometimes it's hard to write down ideas. #
    • – Our coaches (John Appel, Jelle van Doornik and Niek Koppen) this morning, trying to read our plan on a screen. #
    • Today we went on a bike ride and came up with some cool plans about what to film. This is really going somewhere. #
    • We're in our last private coaching session… #
    • Our inspiration workshop is almost over. #
    • – Went into town for a last night together. Ended up playing Risk with two directors, a producer and a writer. #
    • We're on our way home after an intense but fun week of talking about our #Singularity documentary. #
    • – Topdrukte in spits op station Amsterdam Amstel door stroomstoring #ns #
    • Thanks to all my classmates for a great week on Texel! I likez your pitchez, bitchez! #
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    Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-16 

    • I want to play some ultimate frisbee from 10 to 11 @ De Leuke Linde here in Arnhem. Who's coming? #
    • Always a good opportunity to practise. See you al tomorrow from 11-16 @ Sportpark Drieburg Amsterdam for the copetition day? #
    • When the #Singularity comes we will think a billion times faster. Imagine now many pointy replies @BrentSpiner could send! #
    • If you're in Amsterdam and you're interested in ultimate frisbee you should come watch the competition at Sportpark Drieburg today. #
    • Anyone in the Benelux, UK or Germany who is working on Micro Air Vehicles? Plz contact me. @vark #
    • Where is the sun when ypu need it? #brrr #
    • Great feeling after three great games of running and throwing. I'm proud of an end-zone layout that scored, so I'm happy and hungry. #
    • Life is ironic: I was lucky to catch a train that would get me home 15 mins sooner, but I forgot to switch trains, which cost me 45 mins. #
    • I'm at a solicitor's office waiting for my identity papers to be checked. I'm glad Nysingh is helping me with my grant request. #
    • Creating a new wordpress website for a friend. #
    • All that talk about #Singularity can make one forget that even the most basic stuff is still done by hand; like fetching hay for our rabbits #
    • – Ik ben onderweg naar ONDERWEG de spraakmakende eindexamenvoorstelling van @JohanFretz. #
    • – Altijd spannend zo'n try-out. Hopen dat de Gebroeders Fretz deze knop niet nodig hebben. #
    • – Oh nee! Er is iemand gevallen. De bus wacht op een ambulance. Hopelijk kom ik zo nog op tijd bij @JohanFretz. #
    • Ik zit weer in de bus, alleen…. hij moet natuurlijk omrijden omdat er een afslag afgesloten is. Het blijft dus spannend. #
    • – Gehaald! €10,- afgerekend voor het kaartje. Prijzig als je bedenkt dat de gebroeders geen diploma hebben! :-p #
    • Next week we're on the island of Texel for a week of brainstorming about our #Singularity film. Any input is still welcome. #
    • Almost going home to Arnhem again… #
    • Helping @gertdegraaff create his new website. #
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    Klamme Handjes 

    Freek Bersch is kandidaat nr. 4 van de SP voor de provinciale staten in Utrecht. Met zijn weblog richt hij zijn pijlen op klimaatpolitiek.

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